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Welcome to Harlow House Photo!
Photographer Lindsay Nicole been offering Unique photoshoot sessions custom designed since 2010 Offering some of the most elaborate and beautiful sets available for boudoir and fantasy fine art  ! Harlow is a professional fine art photographer, costume designers, photography instructor, photoshop master, and professional makeup artist.


  Her mission is transforming everyday women from all walks of life into inspiring fantasy fine art. She enjoys doing these shoots to boost confidence, support women, and help them feel beautiful. Her art features unlikely “models’ of all ages and sizes.  She thrives on producing a life-changing positive experience for her clients.- Voyager Chicago Magazine

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Before your shoot

Dearest Bombshell,
Thank you so much for booking. We look forward to meeting you and helping you crate an unforgettable fantasy photo shoot. Every single step is equally important to ensure you look and feel your very best. its important you have every item you need and know what to pack. This is an investment in yourself and we want you to LOVE your images.
If you only paid a deposit, the balance will be due the day of your shoot and may be paid in cash, chase pay, or credit card. Remember, no experience is needed. We will show you how to pose after your transformation. Please do not bring any children or pets. We welcome a friend or loved one...just bear in mind, they will be with you sitting for up to 3 hours.

We strongly recommend you send us photos of your outfits ahead of time

  • Please be sure your nails look perfect..yes they WILL show.

  • Please do not worry about tiny flaws or the last 5 pounds..I am a photoshop MASTER. Please just enjoy your shoot experience and know we will make you look incredible. :)

  • Make sure you exfoliate your dead tired winter skin and lips...sugar and coconut oil are wonderful and QUICK.

  • Always pack bras and a nude thong to wear under and borrowed under garments.

  • Do not come to your shoot with same day self tan or bronzer. Our bedding and wardrobe is very expensive and I would prefer it didn't turn orange. If you wish to be tan I can do this in photoshop.

During your shoot

Please let your makeup artist  know if you have any product allergies.

Please also let us know if you are uncomfortable with any directions at anytime. This may be due to a physical limitation or injury. If you cannot do a pose please don't struggle we will accommodate you.

If you need to bring food or drinks please do so.

If you need to use your phone please excuse yourself for a moment to do so and let the makeup artist know. She will let you take a break.

Please do not drink alcohol during your shoot.

You are never expected to wear lingerie if you are not feeling it. We will not pressure you,

if you have a special request for a pose please let us know.

We do not copy images from other artists. There will be no exact replicas of a pose and wardrobe from another artist.

After your shoot

We may ask you questions about posting your images or submitting them in advance. If you are hoping to keep your images private, we respect your decision to do so.

Your unedited image proofs are presented to you with a link and password to view them. You will be able to select your favorites from this gallery so that we may edit them for you. Proof galleries are typically ready in 7-10 days.

 Once your favorite images they are edited, they will be added to the same gallery for you to download within 30 days. Can't decide on just 10? additional edits are 8.00 each OR included in the cost of any print order.

Harlow House does not authorize 3rd parties to print our images. We have an award winning and affordable print service that is the highest quality ink and paper available.


 All downloadable file are social sharing size jPEGS 600x900 (4x6) (Prints and print gifts will arrive retouched and without a water mark) All individual print orders must be placed through the Shoot proof website & books you may order via phone with a credit card or chase pay.

Models seeking publication outside of Retro Lovely Magazine must ask permission and give HARLOW a consent form to fill out.

We do not compensate models we publish.

We are not compensated if you are published. This is strictly for fun and for your social media presence growth and accolades.


thank you so much for booking,


contact :
Photographer Lindsay (HARLOW)
Phone: 815-931-5905
By Appointment only
Naperville IL

Thanks for submitting!