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Cosplay Pinup is EVERYTHING

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

From DC Bombshells to Gender bender Captain America, HARLOW is a MASTER of cosplay pinup!! See our Work in the July anniversary issue of Retro Lovely Magazine!!

We specialize in unique boudoir and pinup sessions.

We have not 1 but 2 covers this month with the Iconic Retro Lovely for their first Cosplay edition!!

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pinup captain america marvel cosplay

Harlow Offers some of the most elaborate and beautiful sets available for boudoir and pinup. We are constantly changing, evolving, and adding exciting props and wardrobe to our collection. We work with the BEST makeup artists in Chicago with strict health and safety standards and incredible portfolios. Harlow has 10 years of professional experience working with women of ALL shapes sizes and nationalities. We value diversity and strive to offer unique and inspiring images to all women not just models. We are now partners with retro lovely magazine and can launch you into a successful social media presence with more then 2.5 million followers on facebook and instagram!

Our turn around time is FAST

Proofs within 7 business days

Edits within 25 days of you choosing your best shots.  Can't decide? Let us know and we can choose for you.

Kawaii Sexy Sailor Moon Cosplay Model Boudoir
Sailor Moon Pinup Cosplay Retro Lovely Magazine Cover

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