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Bombshell Session/ Best Seller 2 looks

Bombshell Session/ Best Seller 2 looks



NEW Bombshell Package Gift certificate

Old Hollywood, Pinup, or classic boudoir styling


An enhanced version of the orginal Bombshell session.

Private, one on one photoshoot session in our home studio with beautiful  stylish Baroque Victorian Sets . This Session can take 3 hours

⦁ 2 wardrobe changes allowed with wardrobe consultation 

⦁ 2  glamorous boudoir sets with storyboarding to help you choose the perfect mood

⦁ full face pro Makeup application with lashes
⦁ hair Styling or wig styling 
⦁ Posing instruction from head to toe with expression coaching with HARLOW

  • Choose your 3 high resolution included retouched images to download and share more may be purchased. Your retouched images will download in full resolution without a watermark
  • 2 8x10 fine art prints


Purchase your favorite images after your shoot for retouching. -Available for purchase-Choose from Prints, books, packages, or full resolution digital downloads.


NOTE ; Full resolution digitals, prints, and print gifts are not included in your session price unless otherwise stated.

Your images will be presented to you by the photographer to preview  immediately after your photoshoot session. You may choose to order from a wide variety of Model Keepsake Colllections that include retouching, prints, gifts, keepsake items, and full resolution digital files. There will also be the option to order individual items such as ala carte prints.

  • All models receive a proof gallery password to choose their favorite images after their session within 48 hours. Orders may now be placed right from your gallery.



Purchase Policies:

When purchasing a gift certificate or photo shoot package, they are


We prefer you speak to us directly before you purchase a gift certificate.


Cancellations and rescheduling:

Please let us know 48hours in advance if you need to reschedule to avoid a rescheduling fee. We understand things come up. We don't want you to show up sick and not look or feel your best. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP SICK AND OR CONTAGIOUS

A 50.00 rescheduling fee will be billed for same day cancels or no shows. You will be reminded 24 hours before your shoot to confirm. We reserve the right to turn you away if you appear sick or have a fever.


Purchase Policies:
Booking fees, gift certificates, and deposits are non refundable and will only go toward the cost of your full package total if you complete your shoot as scheduled. 

Outdoor sessions
Due to Chicago unpredictable weather, we do RARELY need to move or delay a shoot for rain. If your shoot is delayed or rescheduled, refunds are not issued on booking fees. We will reschedule for the nearest possible date and time at your convenience. We are available 7days a week even holidays.

Gift Certificates
When purchasing a gift certificate or photoshoot package,they are

Cannot be combined with other offers. If you have already booked your session with your deposit and a sale starts after your booking, the sale price will not be adjusted retro actively.

Black Friday Deals cannot be combined with other offers or sales. 

Receiving your images Using the Shoot Proof Image Gallery 
Clients will Receive a password and link to view your proofs (unedited photos) from your shoots and choose your favorites for retouching. You may Download all of your image files at 600x900 pixels with a watermark to prevent 3rd parties from printing or using your images.
Your session fees do not include retouching, prints, digital downloads, gifts or USB unless otherwise stated. Your retouched images will downlaod in full resolution without a watermark


Receiving your images Using the Shoot Proof Image Gallery 
Clients will Receive a password and link to view your proofs (unedited photos) from your shoots and choose your favorites for retouching. You may Download all of your image files at 600x900 pixels with a watermark to prevent 3rd parties from printing or using your images.
Your session fees do not include retouching, prints, digital downloads, gifts or USB unless otherwise stated.

Do not screen shot your images with a phone. Do not remove the watermark for public display.


Printing may only be done through Harlow House Photo's print lab. You may access this through you proof portal. You may consider purchasing full resolution digitals if you wish to print your own images.


Instagram and Facebook
Do not edit your own images or add filters to our work. Do not remove our logo for public display. Please use the appropriate tags and credits when you are published including your makeup artist and HARLOW HOUSE PHOTO . Do not add logos for your business to our images or MML unless you have requested a commercial licensing agreement. This will be considered copyright infringement if you do so and you will be issued a cease and desist notice. You must purchase your full resolution digitals with print release in order to have the shared rights to use your images.

 publication and public exposure
At Harlow House Photo we maintain the rights to all photos. You may be published in one of several of the magazines we enjoy submitting to. Models are not compensated for their publication. We reserve the right to tastefully use your images for our artistic and advertising purposes. No 3rd party may edit or print our images without express written permission. We may license your image or likeness and control the rights to the licensing as we see fit to protect the model and our integrity. Any 3rd party using any images for advertising purposes without permission from Harlow House Photo and compensation due will be considered copyright infringement and we will seek damages upon doing so.




  • Please Read

    Policies Cancels and reschedules

    If you cancel or no show your session the same day or arrive more then 1 hour late, there is a 100.00 rescheduling fee.

    To avoid this, CALL us and let us know you will not be arriving at least 24 hours in advance. 

    Please note:  If you purchased the package in advance or put down half of the full amount due and miss your appotintment or cancel without 24 hours notice the same rules apply.  You would need to pay the 100.00 rescheduling fee. 

    Our makeup team commutes over an hour to get here. We set up the perfect set for you and lay out the perfect wardrobe the day prior. Our team prepares, and schedules their day around your booking and we are currently only taking one client per day to allow for proper cleaning between sessions. By cancelling, you are preventing myself and my contractors from taking on other potential clients and income . You may reschedule your date only once and only with a minimum 24 hour notice.

    If your shoot is rescheduled due to inclement weather or illness/injury of the photographer, your session will be rescheduled at the earliest possible date that works for the both of us. Refunds are not issued. No rescheduing fee will incur.

    Guests and friends

    Due to theft and other issues involving guests, Guests who are not paid cleints may not stay for your session.

    We are a female owned and operated establishment with 10 years of references. If you would like to meet me prior to your session please let me know. If you want someone to walk in with you and carry your bags in they must wear a mask and unfortunately cannot stay. We apologize for any inconvenience.


    Getting drunk is not allowed-I shouldn't have to say this but Please we had 3 recent incidents of clients sneaking in alcoholic beverages and leaving open containers around my house. If you are drinking during your session we reserve the right to refuse service. Not only is this a health violation, it is a safety violation. Although we now work from home, this is still a licensed, registered,and insured business in the state of IL with safety and health guidelines.


    Please read very carefully

    Please make sure you provide the correct sizing for the wardrobe. We do not store all wardrobe at this location. Many items are in storage off site or borrowed specifically for your session from our designer partners. your wardrobe is hand selected for you based on your consultation. I'm sorry, but you will not be allowed to go into the walk in closet and try a bunch of things due to covid. you will be provided the looks as discussed in your wardrobe consultation .a nude colored no show thong must be worn under all borrowed garments. (black for black outfits is advised If you borrow, garter belts, stockings, corsets, robes, dresses, gloves, lingerie you must place these items in garment bags to go for cleaning.

    Do not place these items on furniture.

    If you rip or destroy your borrowed wardrobe ( aside from stockings) there is a 25.00 fee.

    Boudoir and Pinup Clients

    -You must bring a nude thong or g string, We do not shoot fully nude for any reason. (We can hide the thong in photoshop)Topless and implied nude sessions are still allowed if desired. While we do provide accessories like garter belts, dressing gowns, jewelry, gloves, corsets, we do not provide bras and panties. You are strongly advised to pack an upscale matching set to wear under selected items. .

    Mani and Pedi time!

    Your hands will be very visibleYou must have good nails or it will ruin your images...get some cute stick on stiletto nails from walgreens if you need to.

    How do I prepare?

    Please shower and come with clean dry hair that is not piled in a bun and left in a scrunchy. We will not straighten your hair before styling it. Straightening is a salon service. We are not a salon.  We reserve the right to refuse to style your hair if it is unkempt.

    Make sure you STRETCH for 20 minutes prior to arrival. You will be working a lot of new muscles to pose. Get a good night's sleep and stay hydrated. Be sure to refine your skin with a good acid peel and body scrub and bring your favorite body lotion shea butter is ideal.

    Need Inspiration for wardrobe?

    I will work with you to choose the perfect mood boards for your 2 looks and then prepare a wardrobe based on those boards. As a costume designer, sometimes I may design a couture item just for you, or we borrow from our warehouse. We have so many story boards on pinterest HARLOWROCKS to help you create a mood and get inspired. https://www.pinterest.com/harlowhouse/boards/

    Please please please avoid the following

    SPRAY TANS and BRONZERS the day of your shoot. We love our beautiful creamy velvet furniture and want it to stay lovely.

    Covid 19 restrictions

    Please reschedule your session if you have any cold or flu symptoms or a fever. We will not charge you a rescheduling fee with 24 hour notice.

    After your session receiving your images

    Please allow 24-72 hours to receive a link and password to your proof gallery

    Once you select your images, it can take up to 30 days to receive your edits within the same gallery in a new folder. Your retouched images download in high resolution without a watermark. You may download and save these or print them up. With every session, you receive a username and password to review your proofs in a private gallery. These proofs download at 600x900 pixels with a watermark perfect for social sharing. These proofs are not authorized for printing by 3rd parties Harlow offers incredible fine art printing service for award winning print quality. All print orders include retouching and a 2000x2400 pixels digital file to download.

    Please do not be afraid to call or text if you have questions.

    By paying this Booking confirmation deposit through the website, venmo or zelle you agree to all of the terms and are bound by contract to follow our procedures.

    We reserve the right to refuse service.

    Have Questions? Don't hesitate to call or text.